Will the new iOS have untethered jailbreak?

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The beautiful world of iPhone Jailbreak will always be a mystery. With the newest outbreaks in the community you have to wonder what exhilarating new concepts of jailbreak will the different teams come up with next. Ever since the first generation iPhone, the Jailbreak community has increased tremendously during the years.

iPhone jailbreak is basically being able to free your phone from Apple's restrictions. There is so much potential in the phone and the only way to enjoy them is to install unauthorized programs through Cydia. Cydia is a marketplace where hackers come together to share their jailbreak mods. You can turn your phone into a classic video game machine thanks to the jailbreak! Think about playing your old Super Nintendo games on your phone! Too many memories which can be relived thanks to a simple app. Everyone should check it out. After all, the law has deemed jailbreak legal.

One of the biggest concerns for the new iOS 5 releasing sometime in September is, will the new iOS have untethered jailbreak? This has concerned many users since tethered jailbreak requires the phone to be plugged back into a computer to start up again. Think of the hassle this would be? You accidentally download an app which is crashing on you and you need to reset your phone, but you're not home. You will be stuck with a brick since the phone will not start up. You also have to stay alert of your battery life because you cannot let your phone die.

I was using the tethered jailbreak for a while and it is definitely not worth it. iOS 5 has been jailbroken tethered for developers. Some believe that the exploiters are holding the untethered jailbreak until the final release of iOS 5 so that Apple can not patch it before the final release. Everyone is crossing their fingers to hope this is true. Tethered jailbreak is too much of a hassle to enjoy.

The community has lost one of it's fine members to Apple. Comex, a lead jail breaking genius and creator of www.JailbreakMe.com , has been offered an internship at Apple. As one of the leading jail breakers his exploits will be missed. Once he starts the internship and has been introduced to the source code, he cannot release any exploits under any circumstances. Hopefully there will be some new outbreaks y other members of the community. Comex also wishes the same since he can no longer work on it.

iOS 5 will include a lot of new features for current and new users. but will the new iOS have untethered jailbreak? That is still a mystery only the top dogs of the community can answer. September is right around the corner, and so is the announcement of the new iOS and iPhone. There have been many speculations and "leaked" Pictures of what the new iPhone will look like but no one knows for sure. Jailbreak community keep helping us unlock the true potential of our phones! Live on iPhone Jailbreak!

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