What are the new iOS 4 updates?

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All Hail iOS 4.2!

After pining for months, iPad techies and users alike will be rewarded soon. The productivity gains in the new firmware update this November will be huge, overshadowing the smaller update last month. The free update that will be sent out through Apple integrated update technology will quite possibly be the last free upgrade that iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch users will see for some time. These new upgrades will affect anyone using the iOS platform, including ipad, iphone, ipod and other Apple iOS 4 users. These new changes will improve: a new multitasking ability, different folder use, new addition of Airplay program, a widget-based control mechanism, better looking notes program through better font use, high dynamic photos, and wifi-based HD video upload.

There are several key features to the release, as well as several bug fixes:


The change most needed is the ability to multitask. The iPad has come under fire for its inability to switch between multiple applications at a time. With the release of several iPad alternatives, all featuring multi-tasking, this update is just in time. The productivity gains for iPad users will be huge, and this could give Apple the push they need to break into the corporate space.


Another important upgrade is the ability to better manage your folders. For those with ultra-cluttered desktops, the end is near. Now with the ability to add more than 12 items to a folder, users can clean up their desktops and other folders. Who on earth thought of a limit to begin with?


AirPlay is not a new name for Guitar Hero, but the rebranded iTunes. The newly branded AirPlay will seamlessly handle videos and photos in addition to tunes. Users will also have the ability to stream videos to Apple TV, and with the purchase of an AV cord you could stream them to your real TV too. AirPlay is streamlining how users handle all their media, with the ability to do it all with one program. This update would have been nice when the iPad first was released, and did not have the ability to multi task between applications.

Widget-Based Control

A great addition will be the ability to control screen brightness and orientation through a centrally based widget, and no longer through the pesky mal-placed control. Apple seems to have borrowed the idea of centralizing all the controls from Jailbreak settings.

Prettified Notes

Anyone using Notes will be happy to hear that there are two new additions to the font family, Helvetica and Chalkboard. This beautiful update will steer users away from the irritating Marker Felt font.

High Dynamic Photos

The High Dynamic Range Photos is a new photo mode taking three different exposure levels and integrating them into one perfect view. For non-technical users, this will make your pictures prettier.

Wifi-Based HD Video Upload

‘Nuff said.

'These new changes with iOS 4 are bringing it up to the standard that we hold for Apple. The new ability to multitask was undoubtedly created due to the upcoming Android OS's multitasking ability. Finally, multitasking for the iOS.

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