What are Some of the Best iPhone Music Apps?

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The Apple iPhone has a wealth of useful apps available for business people, gamers, sports enthusiasts, and, yes, even music lovers. Whether you enjoy making music or just listening to your favorite artists, you can find applications that fulfill your every musical whim and desire. Here are just a few of the best iPhone music apps that you can find in the App Store:

Shazam – Don't you hate it when you hear a great song on the radio or in a supermarket, but you can't place the artist or title? Shazam has the cure for that. Simply load the app and click the 'Tag' button, and Shazam listens to a sample of the song and displays the artist and song information right on your screen. Never again should you be left in the dark about a great song.

Pandora – Pandora is radio reinvented. Simply enter an artist or band, and Pandora builds a custom radio station for you. First, Pandora starts playing songs from the artist you selected, and then Pandora starts inserting similar artists into the mix. You can vote songs up or down, and the more votes you place, the better Pandora understands your musical tastes, giving you a totally optimized personal radio experience.

Figure – Figure is a portable music creation app from the creators of professional recording software like Reason. Using Figure, you can lay down custom beats right on your phone, complete with melody, bass and percussion, all using high-quality digital synthesizers. Even if you have absolutely no experience composing music, you can create original beats while lounging around the house or waiting in line at the DMV.

iHeartRadio – Listen to hundreds of radio stations from over 150 cities, right at the tap of your screen. The iHeartRadio app allows you to quickly and seamlessly drift from live talk radio, rock, hip-hop, jazz standards, showtunes, reggae and just about anything else you can imagine. Save your favorites and listen to exactly the kinds of tunes that you're in the mood for, whenever your need them.

GarageBand – Like Figure, GarageBand allows you to compose and save original music, but with even greater versatility in its available options. Choose between different melody and percussion instruments, record your voice using the built-in mic and spend hours crafting music your way. You can even send your completed projects to friends and upload songs to the Internet.

Free Music Downloader – You heard correctly: “Free” music downloader. The app itself costs 99 cents, but once you have it installed, you can browse a vast library of free songs and even entire albums. Music is available in a variety of different genres, so you should have no trouble finding enjoyable music no matter what your taste. You can then save the songs on your iPhone or transfer them to your PC at a later time.

There are too many great iPhone music apps to mention in one article, but these are just a few of the most notable examples to get your started. Other great apps include TuneInRadio, AniMoog and Magic Piano. Check out some of these amazing apps for yourself.

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