Want to make your own free iPhone ringtone?

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How to make a free iPhone ringtone:

First you’ll need to open iTunes. Decide what song you want to use as your ringtone, then listen to it to find the part of the song you wish to use ( I like to use the chorus). Take note of the “Start” and “Stop” times of the clip. Right click and select “Get Info” choose the “Options” tab. Enter in the start and stop times into each box (“Start Time” & “Stop Time”) Try not to make the clip over 40 seconds otherwise it will cut of when someone calls you. Click “Ok” then Right-click your song and select “Create ACC Version”, once iTunes converts your song you can find it in your music library, then Right-click and select “Delete”. Click on the “Keep Files” button when prompted. Find the file on your computer, Usually iTunes saves it in your User Folder in “Music>iTunes>iTunes Music>Music” under the band or artist name. The extension should read “m4a”. (If the extension is NOT displayed, see the "How To" below on making extensions visible) Replace the “m4a” with “m4r” You can do so by double-clicking slowly to rename the file, or you can right-click and select “Rename”. Click “Yes” when the system warns you that the change to the file may affect the use of it. Double-click the ringtone. iTunes will add it to your “Ringtones” folder in your iTunes “Music Library”. Connect your device and enjoy your free iPhone ringtone.

How to make file extensions visible:

For Windows:

Open folder options by clicking the “Start” button on your desktop. Chose “Control Panel”, then “Appearance an Personalization” and click “Folder Options. Chose the “View” tab, then under the “Advanced Settings” Uncheck the “Hide extensions for know file types” check box and click “Ok”.

For Mac:

If you want to show or hide an extension for a single file, first open the file's information window. You can do so by selecting the file and clicking "Get Info" from the File menu, or you can right-click (Control-click) the file and select "Get Info".

If you want to show or hide ALL extension, click on the desktop to activate the Finder. Then click on the “Advanced” tab in the “Finder Preferences” window. check the "Show all file extensions" box. All file extensions should be visible. If you want to hide file extensions again, simply open the “Finder Preferences” window and uncheck the box.

Another way to create a free iPhone ringtone is to use the “Create Ringtones!” app by App Beast Inc. in the iTunes App store. Fist go into the “App Store” app on your iPhone, enter “Create Ringtones!” into the search box. Scroll down until you see the correct app made by “App Beast Inc.”, Install the app. Open the app and chose “Music Ringtone” It should display your music library, chose the song you want. Once it opens the song file you can chose what part of the song you want, how long you want it to be, and if you want it to fade in/fade out. Once you have done that save it, and it will show you how to Sync your new ringtone to your device.

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