Which is the best iPhone for you?

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Okay, let's set the scene: you're sitting in class, the subway, or in bed, watching Tim Cook and Johnny Ive present the latest version of the beautifully designed iPhone. But you're watching it on your tiny 3 inch iPhone 4S screen, with the brightness turned all the way down because your battery life is terrible. Be honest with yourself, you need a new phone. You know you want to buy an iPhone, but which one? Which is the best iPhone for you?

Well, first of all, you have to consider what you're looking for in a phone. Do you want to stick to the smaller form factor, or do you want the biggest possible screen to view videos on? Do you want to spend the big bucks to get the best phone you can find, or are you more of the thrifty type?

iPhone SE vs iPhone 6S

If you are looking for an upgrade but you want to save room in your pockets, the new SE is the phone for you. Built on the iconic iPhone 5S body, the SE has the smaller form factor (4-inch screen), while it is running on supercharged iPhone 6S internals. The iPhone SE also features a 12M megapixel camera, the same as the 6S. However if storage size is a big concern for you, you may want to steer towards the 6S. The 6S comes in three sizes: 16, 64, and 128 GB, while the SE is only available in 16, 32, and 64 GB configurations. The 6S also features a slightly larger screen, at 4.7 inches. Other differences include the addition of the somewhat gimmicky 3D-Touch on the 6S, a pressure sensitive screen that is supposed to increase multitasking ability. If you're an avid Snapchat-er then the 6S might have more draw, its front facing camera touts an impressive 5 megapixels as compared to the SE's 1.2. The battery life is quite comparable between the two models, and if you find yourself running out of battery before you get home, you might want to pick up a Mophie Battery Case.

Overall the 6S and SE are great phones, and are around the middle of the pack in the Apple lineup. The difference is not really in the internals of the phones but rather their size. If the SE is too small, the 6S is not enough, then you'll find the 6S Plus to be just right. With features identical to that of the 6S, the Plus sets itself apart with a massive 5.5 inch screen that is great for watching YouTube, movies, and even works for reading books.

So there you have it, you should now be armed with the information to choose the best iPhone for you. Apple has recently released two new models the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, which feature slightly better processors, improved cameras, and a new selection of color finishes. If money is no object, then these phones are more your style. Click here to see our article on the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, including a full review of the new products introduced in Apple's 2016 Keynote.

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